Program Details:

Take kids on a trip around the world. Let kids try a variety of games and activities from other countries, and stamp their passaports as they complete them. Serve fun foods from different countries and finish the party with globe shaped delicious cake.

✅ Up to 12 children, including the birthday child .
✅ All parties are 2 hours.
✅ We provide colorful cultural paper products, ice water, set-up & clean-up.
✅ A Friendly and organized host dedicated to your party.
✅ One art & Craft project.
✅ 1 slice of cheese pizza, (or finger food if you do not like pizza).
✅ Organic juice and water.
✅ 1 theme decorated cake cake.
✅ All themed paper products and decor!
✅ Handprint on Birthday Wall of Fame.
✅ One free class for each children attendind the birthday party.

Let's popularize taking care of the planet

♻ RRR Birthday Party ♻


Let’s have fun while creating art projects  from recyclable material. Fun robots with paper tubes, recycled paper to make cards, and much more!


  • All parties require a non-refundable $50 deposit.
  • We are happy to accomodate any party theme
  • Due to the specialized nature of each themed party, we ask that you please reserve your party at least four weeks prior to the party date.
  • Each additional child beyond the standard number of guests per party size is $15